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New Arrival New Temperature Measuring Product of ALICN

Nov. 16, 2022


There is a product. It is a combination of design and technology, simple and advanced appearance. It not only accords with the modern popular aesthetic, but also sends out the attractive charm that does not fall into the vulgar. It is Alicn Medical’s new generation of digital thermometer.

New Arrival New Temperature Measuring Product of ALICN


Alicn Medical's new digital thermometer adopts a minimalist style. The appearance is smooth and natural. The color uses fresh and bright turquoise to match pure white. The probe is made of aluminum alloy, which looks bright and the texture is superior. The appearance of the digital thermometer is made of safe and environmentally friendly ABS material, with good touch and high tightness, giving people excellent comfortable experience. The bottom anti - slip fine grain design, minimalist with some changes, design details can be seen from this.


The biggest innovation and differentiation of the thermometer is the storage box. After the cover of the storage box is opened, press the head of the thermometer to jump out. After taking out the thermometer, it will be turned on immediately and enter the measurement mode. When put back into the box, it will automatically shut down to reduce power consumption.


The machine is equipped with a hall switch, which echoes the magnetic suction element of the storage box. It can automatically charge when putting into the storage box, which truly achieves the integration of storage and battery life.The overall compact and delicate, light and portable, perfect for home use and travel.

New Arrival New Temperature Measuring Product of ALICN


This digital thermometer from Alicn Medical has successfully overcome the limitation of long measurement time, reducing the measurement time to ten seconds, which makes up for the shortcomings of the market. It uses the latest temperature measurement technology: prediction + measurement mode, through algorithm compensation and repeated clinical validation, to achieve the prediction and measurement as accurate each other. At the beginning of the measurement, the rising trend of body temperature was automatically analyzed and calculated by the high-precision algorithm, and the body temperature after 8min could be predicted in an average of 10-15s, which was the prediction mode. The real body temperature can be obtained by placing the thermometer under the armpit for about 8 minutes. This dual mode, which meets the needs of faster scenarios, is a big breakthrough in Alicn temperature measurement technology research.


In terms of accuracy, Alicn makes the thermometer display accuracy reach 0.01℃ on the basis of meeting the national standard of ±0.1℃. In addition to being a household accessory for infants and young children, it can also monitor the temperature of female users during ovulation.This thermometer with both speed and precision is undoubtedly an absolutely powerful competitor in the maternal and infant market.

New Arrival New Temperature Measuring Product of ALICN

In addition, the thermometer has a Bluetooth connection function, which can connect to the APP. Automatically upload temperature data and measurement time, intelligently record historical temperature data, and automatically draw temperature curve. Working mothers can monitor their children's temperature. The display is a LED screen for easy measurement at night. The new digital thermometer has released a total of six designs to meet the different needs of different groups of people.

New Arrival New Temperature Measuring Product of ALICN

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